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Poor in the Midst of Plenty: The Natural Resource Dilemma in West Africa
Indigenous Peoples Cry for Protection: As Human Rights Defenders Zoom on West Africa
Aminata K Fabba
Muted Voice of Grassroot Human Rights Defender Resounds as Aminata K Fabba Takes on SOCFIN
Foromo Frédéric Loua
Zogota Verdict: “A Monumental Victory Against Impunity”
Wrestling with World’s Largest Oil Palm Company
Mustapha Foboi
Chief Eric Dooh Barizaa
Barr. Chima Williams
‘Neo-Imperialist Investments’ Under Fire
Chief Adou Kouame
M. Kobenan Kra Michel
Similimi: Locals Engaged in ‘David and Goliath’ Battle
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MRU CSO Platform defends frontline grassroot human rights defenders in their effort to protect land, natural resources and environmental rights to forestall corporate predatory investment.


We envisage an equitable, wealthy sub-region in which all the people can benefit from huge endowment of natural resources, for their long-term development and well-being.